Ecozoic Resources is a regenerative Biofiltration toilet solution. We transform “waste” into resource at large scale events, temporary locations, and for long-term use at home or your retreat center.

Ecozoic Resources

An Earth-Friendly Septic Alternative 

All the environmental benefits of composting or waterless toilets, taken a step further with the help of microbes and enzymes in our unique Biofilter™️ toilets.  Providing the high standard of sanitation needed for continuous use and resource recovery.

Our thoughtful eco-friendly approach works both at large scale events, temporary sites, and for long-term use at home, retreat centers, and more. Contact us for pricing and more info!

Our toilets utilize a unique Biofiltration technology. These systems are comfortable to use, waterless, with living microbes digesting waste instead of sawdust, and close the loop of human waste by transforming it into a liquid fertilizer.

We hosted a massive gathering for the Oregon Eclipse Festival in a very remote part of the state. We used 250 Ecozoic toilets in our event area. It was a total game changer for us and our attendees. We had many attendees going out of their way, into the event area, just to use the Ecozoic toilets. They were cleaner, more comfortable, and people really liked the environmentally conscious model they provide. 

As an organizer, my favorite part about working with them was the lack of pumping during the event. Getting large sewage trucks into crowded areas full of people and heavily curated environments is both dangerous and unsightly.

The Ecozoic toilets went through the entire 7 day event without needing to be pumped. They don’t smell, they look and feel professional, and their environmental impact is a small fraction of traditional event toilets. We plan to rely entirely on their toilets for our future events. 

Brent Anderson

Site Manager, Oregon Eclipse Festival

A Regenerative Alternative to Porta Potties


  • No toxic chemicals
  • No pumping
  • No use of or contamination of water sources
  • Solar power integration option
  • No bad odors
  • Recovery and reuse of byproducts into organic resource
  • A comfortable, pleasurable experience for users
  • Shows your customers that you care about them & the planet
  • Works in harmony with nature and benefits the environment

Turning Waste into a Valuable Resource

Unlike Porta-Pottys that simply pump waste to treatment facitilies, Ecozoic Toilets transform it into a resource that benefits the earth and plant life.

A More Efficient, Easy to Manage Process

Ecozoic Toilets produce 90% smaller byproduct, don’t use water, and do not require any pumping or emptying during events.

A Better User Experience for Your Customers

Zero odor, optional solar powered fans and lights guarantee a pleasurable alternative to something most people actually fear. Plus, no more loud and stinky pump trucks!

The Only Truly Sustainable Septic Solution

While Porta-Pottys simply transfer waste away from the site, Ecozoic Toilets benefit the immediate environment by creating beneficial microbes that replinish soils degraded by high impact use.

This technology provides a solution to the wasteful, uncomfortable, and outdated

“Port-o-Potty” at events, and to traditional septic systems or composting toilets at home.

Ecozoic Resources installed 250 BioFilter Toilets at the Oregon Eclipse Festival  in 2018. Watch this video to find out more about Ecozoic Resources!

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