Why Are Ecozoic BioFilter Toilets Better Than Porta-Pottys?

Oh, the dreaded obligatory visits to the Port-Potty at events and work sites! A survey conducted revealed that 1 in 5 festival goers no longer attend events specifically because the negative Porta-Potty experience. Most people don’t realize they are most likely squatting above embalming fluid and harmful chemicals as well. It goes without saying that the impact of Porta-Pottys on both the ambiance of the event and the earth are incredibly undesirable.

Ecozoic Resources has created a toilet experience that will change the way we view human “waste” forever. 

Cutting edge technology

Ecozoic Biofilter Toilets are the most efficient toilets on the market. Our patented system requires NO pumping, holds 10X the volume of traditional porta potties, and performs onsite biological treatment – no need for nasty chemicals!

Extreme Comfort

Completely odor free! Our units also have solar powered in-unit lighting, and never run the risk of overflowing. Ecozoic Biofilter Toilets also offer users an educational opportunity – connecting to natural processes and an understanding of how to harness them for a better planet.

benefits the environment

Traditional Porta-Potties are extremely wasteful, smelly, and feared by the masses. Ecozoic Biofilter Toilets give back a precious resource to the environment while not wasting any water or using harsh chemicals. It’s a win-win!

Easy Maintenance

Porta-Potties need to be pumped many times a day, which is a stinky logistical nightmare – with huge pump trucks navigating through crowds. The only maintenance needed during events is front end cleaning, and the ER Crew takes care of that for you!

Why Are Ecozoic BioFilter Toilets Better Than Composting Toilets?

Composting Toilets are an amazing benefit enjoyed by countless savvy and ecologically minded people. We applaud their effort to help make the Earth a better place. Ecozoic Resources has improved the systems utilized by Composting Toilets, making a far superior product that has never been seen before. 

If you want to be truly Green, Sustainable and Sanitary, Ecozoic Biofiltration toilets is your best option, by far.


superior technology

It is no secret that Composting Toilets require an immense amount of upkeep. With Ecozoic BioFilter Toilets, there is no need to use sawdust or peat, no need to separate “waste”, or empty the tanks weekly. 

Extreme Comfort

Completely odor free, having an installed solar powered light, little maintenance needs, and absolutely never running the risk of overflowing, – Ecozoic Biofilter Toilets are actually inviting to users, just like a home bathroom should be.

safe and low maintenance

While composting toilets need to be constantly emptied and can cause health problems in the process, Ecozoic Biofilter toilets can be emptied every few years and quickly transform the “waste” into a beneficial resource.

Be part of a revolution

Ecozoic Biofilter toilets are the smartest, most cutting edge human “waste” solutions out there.

If you want to bring your homestead to a new standard of sustainability, a Biofilter toilet that benefits your land is your best bet.