Ecozoic Saved My Festival Experience

By Carlie Grob


Allow me to paint a picture. It’s day 3 of the festival. Last night was utter perfection. You danced like an animal to your favorite band, romped through the fantasy wonderland of art and lights with a killer squad of new and old friends, managed to get some shut eye and miraculously this morning’s coffee line was nonexistent. 

And then… nature calls. You hustle down the path to the nearest row of porto potty’s and before you even round the corner, the waft of hot poop air smacks you in the face. There’s a dozen people in front of you, a giant ghostbuster vacuum is moving from one hot box of feces to the next, stirring up the gag worthy odors, and you have no choice but to wait your turn to enter the cubicle of doom. Once inside, the thick hot air is suffocating, the smell makes you dry heave and as hard as you try not to, your eyes wander to the messy horror that is the black bowl of thousands of partying festival goers waste. Pun intended, it’s a shitty situation.

As a festival goer, between the amazing music and art, endless fun with friends, the freedom to romp and dance and explore in a fantasy never-never land, incredibly few things can sour a sparkly day. But a trip to the porto potty is exactly that. Nightmarish, and nearly worthy of skipping the fun and staying home where you can relieve yourself with the luxury of clean porcelain and fluffy towels.  

And then, like a blessing from the festival gods themselves, along comes Ecozoic, bringing a truly revolutionary bathroom experience to this outdoor wonderland. Their toilets sparkle like beacons of sweet relief compared to their honey bucket counterparts. The interior offers solar panel lighting, ventilation and a unique system of waste management that keeps the air miraculously fresh and odor free. Their efficient and ecological method alleviates the need to empty built up waste so everyone is spared poop-pumping trucks cruising through campsites. And most incredibly, Ecozoic’s system eliminates the use of chemicals and even turns human waste into a byproduct that is beneficial to the environment. 

At long last, the only piece of festival going that dares to ruin a perfectly wonderful sun shining Sunday morning, has been solved. Thanks to Ecozoic, we can poop in peace and party on like the free sprits we were born to be. Rock on festival family!